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Readers, this is for you

Readers: I'm curious about something. I am a happily ever after kinda girl. I'm good with fluff stories (it's kinda like a grown up disney tv show, if those characters were adults and did more than just date and hold hands, or maybe a better example is your favorite sit-com with more of an edge?), I call them fantasy stories. The fantasy of your Prince Charming with some heat, so a Rated R Fantasy? But I also read the stories that tear your heart right out of your chest and leave you devastated until they finally get their HEA. BUT....I'm not a huge fan of that feeling of dread. For instance if I'm reading and it's 2am, or dinner needs made, or the family needs my attention, and the chapter ends with my heart broken, or pissed off at one of the characters for their utter stupidity. I don't like when tv shows make me feel that way either (perfect example, years ago a Friday cliffhanger on my soap was shooting and looking like they killed off my total favori

The creative process or lack there of...

(I apologize, the first few paragraphs are depressing and sad. Feel free to skip them. I felt a need to talk about my loss in a little more detail than normal. But you won't hurt my feelings if you skip over it. There are days I just might too!) Well, it's been a rough couple months. In November I lost my furry baby girl, Sparky. She took a piece of me with her. I had her for 15years. Trained her as a puppy, put up with all her craziness and puppy stubbornness, cleaned up after her, paid the vet bills, and the last few years, made sure she had her medicine twice daily. The last 8 months of her life she lost the use of her back leg. I thought in April that she was a goner. We had a day trip planned to Columbus, and the entire time I was there I worried about my Sparky. Needless to say, she persevered, she wasn't ready to leave us. She didn't seem like she was in pain and still gave me her goofy smile and still got super excited when we had pizza, she loved pizza crus

Wait-I'm official now.

Wait- Did I tell you that I have a new domain name for my website? This is exciting news, because before I was just some random, generic name. I'm now "official"! So, you can check me out at: Exciting! Right? I thought so. I'm so official now, yay me! I'm so cool....

New "family member"

Friday we brought home a new puppy, her name is Nika. Needless to say this weekend will be all about helping the cat, Buddy, and Nika get along and used to each other. I'm 15 yrs older than the last time I did this, and back then we got two dogs one day apart. I'm exhausted, but I don't feel so well right now either. Hubby is really exhausted because it's his dog, so I'm "letting" him take the lead. If memory serves me right, that was easier, lol. So I'm sure this weekend there won't be a lot of social media posting from me, especially if I want to use my free time writing. (They are both napping right this moment, and so is hubby, lol.) But if you have any tips or ticks to help me help them get along, I'm all ears! Facebook, tweet, PM, whatever. Nika misses her pack. She lived with mom and dad doggie, and her puppy siblings, a brother and two sisters. Her human mom was very sad to see her go. I was looking for a new puppy in place of my rec

My new blog

Hey All! Let me preface by saying that I am new to blogging, but one of my New Years Resolutions is to be more active on social media - so here I am! In December I released Zambonis and Mistletoe - Renegades 4 - A Holiday Romance. It was a cute Christmas read and I hope you all enjoyed it. Christmas is my favorite time of year and it was fun to write about. In this holiday romance we met Rylee and Nick (the GM of the Renegades).  I am currently working on Renegades 5. It has no title as of now, but it will be about Dominic (Dom) Zanetti, the Renegades back-up goalie. He's kind and sweet, sort of a flirt, and full of tattoos. We met him a bit in Playing the Game. He's quite swoon-worthy, I assure you. I'm also preparing for my first-ever signing event as an author. Yay me! I've been to two as a reader, and yes, I still do fan girl over other authors. It is March 12th at Latitude 360 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. So many awesome authors will be there! Here