The World is Closed...until further notice

Hi!! How are you handling this social distancing? Honestly, being TOLD I need to stay in is harder than I thought!
I always want a blizzard, where the roads are impassable and everything is shut down so no one can go anywhere. But this is nothing like that. Everything is just like normal, except we are being told to stay in. Well, even to some of us introverts, that makes us want to go out. And when I go out on a normal day, it's just to the grocery store, the Dollar General, or to get coffee at Starbucks. Or the occasional run to Sheets or Taco Bell because my son doesn't want anything that's in the house.
And I am happy sitting at home, but now the school (that is shut down per the state Governor) now shut down the cyber lessons. So my son is doing nothing but x-Box. He does cyber from home, and doesn't need a teacher unless he has a question (hello - email) so I think that is ridiculous making him take a two week break for no reason.
I'm watchin…


I am very excited to tell you that the first draft of Book One in the Renegades Legacy Trilogy - Loving the Game, has been sent off to my beta reader (my right-hand-lady)

The cover is anxiously waiting in the wings...I'm hoping to have news on a possible publish date soon. As soon as I know, you'll know - promise :)

Also, some news on book two in the Holiday Series.
Book Two is a Valentine's love story.
The name is still in the works (I have about a dozen titles I keep staring at, lol), and the same characters we grew to love in WANTED: BOYFRIEND FOR CHRISTMAS: Zane, Spencer, Lily, and Harley.
But the difference is that this book will be a solo project of mine. Mary is crazy busy, so book two will be entirely from my camp (betas, editors, proofreader, etc)
and I am very excited about it!

I will say that if you haven't read PLAYING THE GAME (Renegades Series 3), you might want to grab that before
It's a stand-alone book, but does build off of th…

Hello 2020 and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Are you ready for 2020? I am!
2019 was ugly for me personally with a small saving grace at the end. But I am determined to make 2020 good. I am motivated.
Motivated to get back to getting healthy.
Motivated to write.
And motivated to be positive.

In 2020 we will see a spin-off to the Renegades Series - the Renegades Legacy Trio. I hope to have the first book out in early 2020. More to come on that.

We will also see book two of the Holiday Duo in early 2020. It will be a Sweet Romance/Meet Cute just like book one was. I see a few more sweet romances in my future. I really enjoyed writing it!
The cover reveal and pre-order will be available soon, so keep watching!

Have you picked up Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas yet?

Have you picked up Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas yet?
It is a Sweet Christmas Romance - which is different from my Renegades Series. I loved writing it and because it was so fun, I may try my hand at some other Sweet Romances. 

My co-Author Mary Smith is a KU author, you can find her many books on KU and Amazon. Most of my Renegades books are on all e-retailers.

I've eaten more cookies and more peanut brittle over this holiday week than I care to talk about, but I hope you are looking for a good ol' Christmas romance to read - and this is it!!