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In the Zone with Shot At Love

Finally after months, I'm back in the writing zone! Only another writer can understand that statement. But know that it's AWESOME! I haven't felt this excited about writing since I was writing BLINDSIDED. Shot At Love had become a "job", it wasn't fun anymore. That's how I like my writing, fun. And the fun is back. I don't know why and I don't know how, but I'm not questioning it. The last few months I've felt BLAH. Maybe it was a hangover from writing BLINDSIDED? I really did love Sam and Trina and still want to write more of them. But it's been rough... I don't want to stop writing for anything these past few days. Too bad I do have other responsibilities, like I'm a wife, a mom, I have a dog and cat, I help with my grandmother and I have a small side job. So there are times that I HAVE to pause my writing. Too bad my brain doesn't stop creating! Just tonight I was running in from the kitchen in between stirring th

Funeral Homes Suck

Funeral homes suck. Well they do. Just being honest. I know it's someone's job, and ironically I graduated with a kid (he's not a kid anymore, lol, but when I knew him he was!) who runs a funeral home. That's cool if it's your thing, or your family business, but to me, it's creepy. But what I'm really talking about is funeral home viewings. They suck. This one was no exception. I'm an ugly cryer. And I can't talk. I get that typical lump in my throat and I just shake my head when folks talk to me. lol...yep, it's a real laugh! I know it's going to happen, and it does. EVERY time. What can I say, I'm an emotional person. Let me just say with all the stress of this week, that the fudge I bought at the Candy Kitchen at the ocean is coming in quite handy right now! The chocolate one in particular. YUMMMM Having to say goodbye to such a dear friend has been rough. The way it happened making it even tougher. It's painful to thin

If you need to talk, there's always someone listening.

I had a very busy week. But if you know me, you know that life has been busy these last few months. I run the house, have a husband and son, and pets. I'm trying to write book 8 in The Renegades Series. I work very part-part-time and I now help with my Grandmother more than I used to, and with that, my stress level has increased. It's hard to not get snippy in that position, and even harder to accomplish any writing. I wouldn't NOT spend the time with her, because she IS my Grandmother, I just need to learn to manage my stress better. Somehow. (Maybe I need more beach in my life?) Last weekend was a book signing in Baltimore, and we had a great time. Got to see some friends and make new ones. (And I totally fan-girled over Helena Hunting) We also visited with family in Baltimore, then with family in Delaware. I caught some sun at the beach (my happy place) and got my fix of the salty ocean air. It was a very nice week. First morning back home, I woke up feeling energiz

Making someone's day sometimes makes yours too.

Making someone's day sometimes makes yours too. The other day I was at my little part-time job (does once every two-weeks make it part-time? Or part-part-time maybe?), I put out greeting cards. Anyways, I ran into a lady shopping for cards. We started to talk, and we talked for probably 20 minutes to a half-hour. I had never met this woman before, and she didn't know me, but we talked about her life and a little about mine. She was very friendly and seemed like she just wanted to talk, so I listened. She had been through a lot in her life, and things hadn't been perfect for her, but she kept on. The point of everything she said was just that. You have to keep going. Keep moving and doing what you love, no matter what. She wasn't wrong about that. My grandfather and a few of his siblings lived well into their ninety's, and they were doing things they loved (playing ping-pong, doing yard work, driving, even working on the roof!). My grandmother is also in her n