Hi! Remember Me? It's been a while!

I know I haven't posted in a while...life is just different during this virus. It's boring, and confusing, and anxiety ridden...life as we know it is different and we have no idea when it will go back to normal...

And in the beginning of all of this I was productive. I finished two books. But the last month or two I've been struggling to find motivation. I think being lazy (let's call it relaxed instead, it's better, right?) has become my daily routine and it's comfortable.

Getting back on track is going to take work!

While I'm satisfied staying home most of the time, I do miss going to restaurants to eat. Yes, I am one of those people that isn't ready to go out to dine-in restaurants yet. I'm happy sitting back and waiting, and if you aren't, that's fine too!

I also miss family gatherings for holidays. We missed out on Easter and Mother's Day. I'm holding my breath that it doesn't interfere with Thanksgiving and Christmas! (Remember, I don't cook, lol)

Now on to the important stuff!
You can find out about all of my books at https://www.melodyheckgatto.com/
I am currently working on the new book in The Holiday Series (book 3 - doesn't have a title yet), and book 2 in the Renegades Legacy (Changing the Game).
My Valentine's Day story (book 2) is with the editor, and the first book in my new Renegades Legacy series is available!

LOVING THE GAME - Available Now!

Life happens.
At least that’s what Paige Kidd had always thought. You found your career, you fell in love, got married, and had a family. She was on pace with everything except the last item. And her biological clock was ticking– loudly.
Tyler Kidd’s focus was always on his game, whether it was the beginning of the season, playoffs, or the off-season, he was always thinking about how he could be at the top of his game. He was a hockey player; it was in his blood. He always just assumed that someday he would have a little team of his own. It wasn’t something he thought about a lot, he figured it would just happen. Until it wasn’t.
Paige was a workaholic who loved her job. After all, that's where she met Tyler. But, she yearned for more, and Tyler was having a hard time sitting back and seeing his wife miserable. Life was happening around them while theirs stood still.
Tyler would do anything to see his wife smile. He’d move heaven and earth to make her happy. And for once, hockey was the last thing on his mind.

💙Available NOW💙
Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089R4J1Z7
Other e-Retailers – https://books2read.com/LovingTheGame

I Loooooooove Tyler!! And I hope you'll love him too!
If you are new to the Renegades, you might want to check out my book legend...

Off-Limits Valentine should be available this summer.
In the meantime, keep reading and stay safe!



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