Christmas In July!

It's Christmas in July!!

Christmas in July! What a fun thing to celebrate, right?
Especially with the way 2020 has been going. I'm ready to string up some lights and hand out gifts! The Hallmark Channel puts on the holiday movies and I swear every year that I am NOT going to watch them because it's SUMMER not Christmas!
And every year I watch them and love it! haha

(I'm watching one right now!)

If you are one of the folks who enjoy Christmas in July, then this post is for you!
I know it's a bit humid out to be sipping hot cocoa by a fire, but you can still enjoy a sweet holiday tale of romance!
And if you're a book lover who secretly loves a holiday tale mid July in 90 degree weather, your secret is safe with  me!

This link will take you to all of my Holiday books



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