Happy Whatever Day it is...

How are you all doing?
Are you reading more now that the world is closed?

I have to admit that I have done nothing but grazed on ham and potatoes since Sunday. It's like I can't get enough, lol! (I am so full of potatoes...) I joked that by this weekend I might have to fast, lol, not so much a joke!

But, I have been working on my Valentine's book (that still needs a name) and I hope to have that available in 2020. And my The Renegades Legacy Trilogy Book One is with my editor! Exciting times!

I will tell you before reading The Renegades Legacy Book One, reading at least The Renegades Book 3 - Playing the Game will be helpful.

I have a bunch of new ideas for Renegades and non-Renegades books, and I hope to continue being creative during this stay at home time. Luckily it is business as usual for me, but things are different here in my house. I am still trying to keep my son focusing on his school work, and now Mr. G is working from home.
But, as long as the child has his focus where it needs to be, I am able to sit and just work.

If you haven't read the Renegades Series, now is the time to get caught up on all the drama with the team, and get your hockey fix at the same time.



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