The World is Closed...until further notice

Hi!! How are you handling this social distancing? Honestly, being TOLD I need to stay in is harder than I thought!
I always want a blizzard, where the roads are impassable and everything is shut down so no one can go anywhere. But this is nothing like that. Everything is just like normal, except we are being told to stay in. Well, even to some of us introverts, that makes us want to go out. And when I go out on a normal day, it's just to the grocery store, the Dollar General, or to get coffee at Starbucks. Or the occasional run to Sheets or Taco Bell because my son doesn't want anything that's in the house.
And I am happy sitting at home, but now the school (that is shut down per the state Governor) now shut down the cyber lessons. So my son is doing nothing but x-Box. He does cyber from home, and doesn't need a teacher unless he has a question (hello - email) so I think that is ridiculous making him take a two week break for no reason.
I'm watching my usual Chicago PD all day long, and my soaps from 2-4. So I'm staying occupied. (Seriously, I'll stare at Halstead and Ruzek for 3 weeks straight... that makes me happy!)

My husband is working from home as well. The cats and I are totally thrown off because our normal routine is all screwed up.
But I digress...
Did you hear that Amazon made Kindle Unlimited (KU) FREE for two months?


And TWO of my books are on KU! You can read them for FREE right now during this time of uncertainty and social distancing (or quarantine - but I hope you aren't)

Lattes & Slapshots:

Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas:

Stay safe, wash your hands (as if you weren't doing that before) and don't eat too many carbs! (my current challenge) Happy Reading!!


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