December went by too quick this year

2019 is almost over and I'm busy doing nothing. Well, not really. But focus has not been my friend!

My new Sweet Christmas Romance written with Mary Smith is now available. It is a meet-cute that will surely get you in the holiday mood. It is a sweet romance, so it is different than my Renegades Series, and I had so much fun writing it!

I've had a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit.
The day before Thanksgiving, my Dad had a heart attack, (luckily, he is FINE and back to normal for the most part) but it threw me into a spiral of emotions. This year has been rough with losing my Grandmother, and now we just sold her house (a house I spent a big part of my life in). Then this hit.

I think this is enough to throw anyone off, but it certainly did for me.

I finally just put the tree up over this weekend. That is so late for me! My tradition is to put it up the day after Thanksgiving. I like to stay home, watch Christmas movies, put up the tree, and decorate the house.

This year things got in the way. Then the days passed. And here we are a week before Christmas.
We got a few outside yard decorations up this weekend too.

My shopping is not done, but I have a plan. My cookie making will be minimal this year. There's just no good place to store the cookies. We were looking at a new refrigerator for just this reason, but plans fell to the back burner. All things to work on in 2020!
Plus, we don't need a ton of cookies. I will probably make them a few days before Christmas.

Also, I've been busy working on a new Renegades project. A spin-off of the series. The Renegades Legacy Series. I hope to have book one available sometime in January 2020, so keep an eye out for a pre-order and cover reveal after the holidays.

Watch for a handful of new books in 2020. Book two in the Holiday Series, and book two in the Boise Grizzlies. Plus the Renegades Legacy books.

I hope you all will bear with me while I get back in the swing of things. If you've read my books, be sure to review them, or you can even drop me a line personally. Feel free to share any teasers from my Facebook pages. I do appreciate my readers! If you're not part of my Ice Crew Readers Page, check it out. We have fun, and sometimes I post things exclusively there, as a thank you for being my reader.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and if you check out Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas, let me know what you think!


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