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The Stanley Cup!! (Fan-Girl Moment!)

My family got the awesome opportunity to go see the Stanley Cup at Lucky Paws Pet Resort in Cranberry, PA. Thanks to Bryan Rust and his girlfriend Kelsey for bringing it to Cranberry for the public to take part in! We love our Penguins and love to celebrate their back to back victory. And we got to help the beagle rescue as well. Every reservation to get a photo with the Cup gave a small donation to the Forever Home Beagle Rescue. It was a small price to take part in something this amazing. And we got to shake hands with Bryan Rust and talk with him for a minute. We also got to see last years Stanley Cup Champion ring. (fan-girl moment) Bryan is great. Very down to Earth. I saw Kelsey talking to some folks, and she also seemed like a very genuine person. (I love getting to see this side of the team!) And the moment we've been waiting for since 2009! Getting to stand next to the Stanley Cup!! The trophies of all trophies! I didn't take it all in like I should've, but


Last night, my son and I went to a car cruise that we enjoy. He is a car-fanatic, and really enjoys this one in particular. It is in Wexford, PA. Too bad this is the last season for it. Fingers crossed they will be relocating next year. There are rumors, but I guess we really won't know for sure until it is announced. It's the Starlihte Car Cruise. I really think it is the largest one in the area, and it is a nice combination of older models and new sporty cars. My son likes both. I don't know a darned thing about cars, but I know what I like. And anything that looks like it's out of the Fast and the Furious I like. I also like Corvettes. I am not sure what the name of the version is that I like, I just know that I like it. We walked around for a good hour as he named every single make, model and year, as well as facts about the model or the engine. Things I didn't even know that he knew. Color me impressed. Sometimes I forget how grown up he is. Time sure has fl