It's been a while...

Hey! It's been a while! 

Since Thanksgiving I've had some exciting things happen.

I released the final book in The Holiday Series. The cover to the next Renegades Legacy book was revealed, and I'm currently working on that book.

I'm not going to lie, the Covid Pandemic has effected me emotionally. Sure, I love staying home (and I rarely go out because I HATE wearing the masks - I do wear it, I just avoid it at all costs) but the other side of that is staying home can be emotionally draining. 

And try writing cute romance when you feel like that...

Hockey is back, but it's an odd season.

The weather is getting nicer, but where am I going to go? lol...

I've spent the last few weeks watching marathons of The Kardashians, and wishing Kris would adopt me... I mean, the houses they have, the PERSONAL CHEFS (worth it alone), and the way the sisters do everything together (every holiday, every event, every day almost). Honestly, I've enjoyed watching them for a few years now.

But I miss life as we knew it. Again, it's been hard to write when you feel like that. But I'm trying. And I hope to have a new book out either this summer or this fall (or both if my mojo cooperates). So stay tuned!!

I did get my first vaccine and am scheduled for my second soon. And I'm looking forward to visiting my parents and my other family without masks! (since we'll all have been vaccinated) And, I MISS hugs!! Most of my family I haven't seen in over a year, and I can not do this stay at home thing for another year! Life is too short! So, yay for the vaccine!

But back to books!

For your reading pleasure, here is the line up for The Holiday Series. You can find all the books at:

WANTED: Boyfriend for Christmas

Off-Limits Valentine

My Forever Valentine

All My Heart


All four books are now available, including ALL MY HEART which is the final book in the series.



I don't have a release date for my next book yet, but I can show you the cover - 

It's awesome if I do say so myself, lol.

Changing the Game - The Renegades Legacy Book Two 


Keep an eye on my newsletter for updates on a release date for this book. I can tell you that it is Talia and Harrison's story.

Newsletter Sign-Up:




I'll try to update you more often than once every few months, lol...

Good things are to come... stay tuned!







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