Entertainment in the days of Covid-19

 I keep seeing posts on social media asking if folks want to see romance books written in the time of COVID. I can tell you with certainty that I do NOT.

Up until now I just figured that I live in the nonsense day after day, why would I want to read about it?

My soap operas are not adding it into their story. And it is refreshing.

Well, a network tv show aired their new season last night. The show seems to revolve around the pandemic - UGH... after suffering through only about four minutes of social distancing concerns in their own home, talking about the pandemic and quarantine, only allowing a specific number of people in a room at a time, and compulsive temperature checks of folks INSIDE the house - I was DONE. (did I mention talk about the bank taking their house?)

Those few minutes were enough to send me into a depression. (I try to avoid the news and lots of the COVID talk on tv to aid in my own mental health) All of that is what we are LIVING at the moment. Television is fictional and there for my enjoyment. It is a small period of time to kick back, relax, and forget about things going on in the world or our lives.

Needless to say, I turned the show off before the opening credits.

And this is not to say that some folks might not enjoy this. As the days go on I see other shows that I really like going with the Pandemic vibe. And while I am not thrilled about this, these are shows that I love, so I'll give them a chance.

I'm sure the show was just as funny as it had been before the pandemic. But I can't stomach watching what stresses me and others out in real life. Maybe once this is all over and I can actually see my niece and nephew again, or my other family that I haven't seen since December. And once i can go out to eat without worrying, and the list goes on. Some day this show during the pandemic will be funny and folks might even wonder if they are exaggerating for the sake of comedy - sadly they were not.

That led me to this post. I now know without a doubt that I would not read a book that takes place in the same miserable 2020 we are living in right now (I mean, we can't even get Charlie Brown Christmas on network tv!) So I will not be writing one. Let's face it, I wear my mask - BUT I HATE it.

Sure, my soaps are being careful and the kissing scenes are shot so they cut away before anyone actually gets too close. But at least they aren't running around 6ft apart, searching for toilet paper, and fretting over bills. (sound familiar? That sound like a Monday in my house these last 7 months) I love that we can see family gatherings, people going to work like normal, no muffled conversations due to masked faces, hugging, and love in the afternoon (somewhat).

But now with more and more shows taking this road, I am bound to watch something that uses the pandemic as entertainment - is that really where we are at in 2020?

This is a frustrating time for some folks. But if it's entertaining enough, I'll watch. Or if the story is strong enough and the pandemic is just the setting, I'll watch. So if a book is strong enough with the pandemic as a small part, then it could work.

There will be something for everyone - and that's the fun of it all. Plus, there's always pre-Covid shows on Netflix that I can turn to if things get too Covid-y in Hollywood, lol. (I just found The Umbrella Academy and iZombie. I quickly watched both seasons of The Umbrella Academy already and am working my way through iZombie now and enjoying it.)

So, now the question is, do YOU want to see Covid story lines in new books or tv shows? My initial answer is no, but apparently I can't rult it out!


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