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Entertainment in the days of Covid-19

 I keep seeing posts on social media asking if folks want to see romance books written in the time of COVID. I can tell you with certainty that I do NOT. Up until now I just figured that I live in the nonsense day after day, why would I want to read about it? My soap operas are not adding it into their story. And it is refreshing. Well, a network tv show aired their new season last night. The show seems to revolve around the pandemic - UGH... after suffering through only about four minutes of social distancing concerns in their own home, talking about the pandemic and quarantine, only allowing a specific number of people in a room at a time, and compulsive temperature checks of folks INSIDE the house - I was DONE. (did I mention talk about the bank taking their house?) Those few minutes were enough to send me into a depression. (I try to avoid the news and lots of the COVID talk on tv to aid in my own mental health) All of that is what we are LIVING at the moment. Television is fiction

New Cover! Check it out!

My newest release Off-Limits Valentine has a new look! I think this beautiful new cover reflects the story better, and there's even an updated blurb to go with it! The next installment of the Holiday series, a solo book from Melody Heck Gatto, is a classic tale of Mr. Wrong vs Mr. Right... **can be read as a standalone** Harley Brady has a plan for her life: Finish college, get a job, get married, have kids. In that order. She craves stability since her childhood was less than ideal. And Isaac can give that to her. He’s older, stable- Sure, he might be a little boring, and lacking in the romance department, but no one’s perfect. Most importantly, he can give her the home life she never had growing up. Spencer Wilson is living his best college life, waiting for the next party. With one devilish smirk he has the ladies falling at his feet. A player with a heart of gold whose only plan is to have fun before he graduates into the real world.   As Harley and Spencer’s friendship