What's new? Glad you asked...


If you're wondering what I've been up to, I have been hard at work on multiple books. (And watching General Hospital and Days of Our Lives)

My hockey team ended their playoff run early, so I've been entertaining myself with my writing instead. My current favorite fictional people to write about are Harley and Spencer.

Off-Limits Valentine will be out September 20th (available for pre-order now) and I loved this couple so much, there will be two more stories for them.
My Solo The Holiday Series Books: 
Off-Limits Valentine - September 20th
My Forever Valentine - hoping for an October Release Day (info soon)
All My Heart - available on Valentine's Day 2021

I'm also working on the Renegades Legacy Book Two - Changing the Game (info soon)

My current stories are meet-cute tales, lots of fun, and a little fluffy. Because 2020 has been hard on all of us. Sometimes a little fluff is just what the doctor ordered! A little drama, lots of love, and it all wrapped up in a neat little bow!! (At least my books have a happy ending in 2020!)

Pre-Order Off-Limits Valentine - https://www.melodyheckgatto.com/off-limits-valentine


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