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Happy Whatever Day it is...

How are you all doing? Are you reading more now that the world is closed? I have to admit that I have done nothing but grazed on ham and potatoes since Sunday. It's like I can't get enough, lol! (I am so full of potatoes...) I joked that by this weekend I might have to fast, lol, not so much a joke! But, I have been working on my Valentine's book (that still needs a name) and I hope to have that available in 2020. And my The Renegades Legacy Trilogy Book One is with my editor! Exciting times! I will tell you before reading The Renegades Legacy Book One, reading at least The Renegades Book 3 - Playing the Game will be helpful. I have a bunch of new ideas for Renegades and non-Renegades books, and I hope to continue being creative during this stay at home time. Luckily it is business as usual for me, but things are different here in my house. I am still trying to keep my son focusing on his school work, and now Mr. G is working from home. But, as long as the child h