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Have you picked up Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas yet?

Have you picked up Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas yet? It is a Sweet Christmas Romance - which is different from my Renegades Series. I loved writing it and because it was so fun, I may try my hand at some other Sweet Romances.  My co-Author Mary Smith is a KU author, you can find her many books on KU and Amazon. Most of my Renegades books are on all e-retailers. I've eaten more cookies and more peanut brittle over this holiday week than I care to talk about, but I hope you are looking for a good ol' Christmas romance to read - and this is it!!  Order on Amazon - Lily O’Connor’s favorite time of year had finally arrived, and she even won an ultimate Christmas adventure. Now, all Lily wanted was someone to go to Christmas events with who enjoyed the holiday as much as she did. There was only one thing to do, put out an ad in her favorite coffee shop as a last-ditch effort.  Wanted: Fellow Christmas Enthusiast to enjoy

December went by too quick this year

2019 is almost over and I'm busy doing nothing. Well, not really. But focus has not been my friend! My new Sweet Christmas Romance written with Mary Smith is now available. It is a meet-cute that will surely get you in the holiday mood. It is a sweet romance, so it is different than my Renegades Series, and I had so much fun writing it! I've had a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit. The day before Thanksgiving, my Dad had a heart attack, (luckily, he is FINE and back to normal for the most part) but it threw me into a spiral of emotions. This year has been rough with losing my Grandmother, and now we just sold her house (a house I spent a big part of my life in). Then this hit. I think this is enough to throw anyone off, but it certainly did for me. I finally just put the tree up over this weekend. That is so late for me! My tradition is to put it up the day after Thanksgiving. I like to stay home, watch Chris