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Vacation is over #SadFace

Ever go on vacation and when you get home you actually miss being away? Don't get me wrong, it's nice to come home. It's nice to be with the pets again and in your own space. But there's something about the relaxation of a hotel. You literally get up in the morning and decide where you are eating that day. And the exploring something new. So, yes, for a few weeks after I get home, I'll wake up a few days and actually miss being away. It sounds weird, I know. Maybe it's because I'm the Mom. I cook. I plan the meals. I clean. I do dishes. I do laundry. Then whatever time is left is for me. So vacation is really much needed time off for me, lol. All three of us cooped up in one room? Not so much, but I'll take it. LOL. I love the beach, but I don't like to do anything at the beach. (I mean, really, there's only so much mini-golf you can play. Am I right?) I'm the girl who likes to find a good spot on the sand, take up residence, grab her book,

Halfway through the off-season (I mean, summer)

Happy July, folks! I guess we're about halfway through the summer and that means we are also halfway though the hockey off-season. In the summer, I start to wonder, how do I get anything done during the hockey season? Seriously. My life revolves around Pens games, and in the summer we have all this free time! lol... My son took some time off of dek hockey, which I guess is okay. It means less 90degree days we need to sit in the direct sunlight in those wooden bleachers! He's a teenager and he loves his video games right now, so...yeah (moms know what I'm talking about!) I'm hard at work on Renegades 10, and I still really hope to get it out in 2018, but I can't make promises. But I will let you know all the details ASAP! However...I am part of a surprise holiday project coming out in a few months. Here's a little peek... And if we have any interested bloggers, here's the sign-up form: ML1xDjWfG3LXkqgr2 Watch my Author pa