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More Renegades to come...

In case you were wondering...  2018 has been slower than I had hoped for new Renegades books, but it is what it is. I realize all you've seen from me so far has been Body Checked. I had big plans for publishing, but we all know what happens when you plan, right? I can tell you, late in 2018 I'll have a surprise for you, but you'll hear more on that soon. And I am working on Renegades 10, Melting the Ice, which I plan to have in your hands while it is still 2018! That will make 10 Renegades books, AND a Renegades Prequel, plus the surprise. Life had really gotten in the way of my writing this year. I haven't been taking my grandmother's health well at all. I spent the last two years helping to care for her, and even though the days got rough sometimes, I miss them. In December she had her latest stroke, and it took most of the person we knew and love with it. We all thought we'd be planning a funeral, and even though we still have her with us, i

Hello Summer!

It's finally June. I like June. First of all it's summer! It's also my birthday AND my wedding anniversary. So much to like about this month! lets out! Whew. I hope to not only get immersed into my current project, Melting the Ice - Renegades 10, but I hope to get so into it that I also get to write The End ! And with school over it will be so much easier to commit all my time to the work in progress. Plus they cancelled one of my favorite shows on tv - The Chew (on ABC). That's so not cool. I've never been a huge fan of Food Network shows, but I really like The Chew. (Well, it won't be off the air until the fall, but still...) If you know me, you know I've never been a fan of cooking. The kitchen has never been my domain. But when I started watching The Chew this past January, tips they shared about cooking, or recipes they made piqued my interest. I not only tried a recipe or two that I saw on the show, I took the tips they shared to