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Hello! It's been a while.

Hello! It's holiday time and everyone is busy, including me. I hope you had a good Turkey-day, I sure did. It was wonderful to have so much of my family in one place. That doesn't happen enough in my family. Everyone is always busy, and not all of the younger generation takes the time to visit. I'm older, and I see things that maybe they don't. As a young adult, I spent every Wednesday at my Gramma and Grampap's for dinner. Nothing fancy, it was usually sandwiches, or soup (tomato soup that my husband graciously ate even though he hated it, so not to be rude to my Gramma - love him for that) Just thinking about those Wednesdays, I am tearing up. Heck, who am I kidding, I'm ugly crying... (I really miss them... and it's been almost twenty years since they've been gone.) My husband (boyfriend at the time) had told me if I felt it was important to spend time with them, then do it. And I did. And I am so thankful that I did. Those are wonderful memories.