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Happy Halloween my friend...

It's October 31st Happy Halloween!! I wish I had some photos of the crazy pumpkins that my friend used to carve. His favorite holiday was Halloween. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of those epic pumpkins or Halloween costumes. Not sure many people do. But I remember the few big parties he had. (I was just a kid) and we lived across the street. Just good clean fun, and it was epic.  Anything spooky or gory was right up his alley. And if you'd see something online like that, it would remind you of him, and maybe even inspire you to forward it to him. But, not this year. Not anymore. So, it's sad to think of all that being over. But I'm sure he's having a boo-tastic Halloween up in heaven, and driving his mother crazy with his antics.    My husband always seemed to enjoy Halloween, but we'd never do much decorating. (I'm a Christmas girl myself, and go all out for that) Maybe next year, I'll give him free reign and let him

New Renegades Book! Shot at Love

Did you see the cover of my newest Renegades Book? I am in love with it! It's so perfect. From the couple to the colors... everything I could've imagined. Shot at Love is one of my favorite books so far. If you know me, you probably already know that my very favorite book thus far has been Blindsided. The storyline is something that is very close to my heart (concussions in sports) and the characters (Sam Morris and Trina) are very near and dear to me.  The dedication in that book says it all. And don't be surprised to see more Sam Morris down the line. I adore him, and am already thinking how I can write more Sam! But back to Shot at Love. This book is about Luc Marcella. And the muse I used to help create Luc is just a much of a cutie as Luc Marcella (the Puck-Star) ended up being.  Isn't it gorgeous?? YES!!  Luc shouldn't want Kassie, but he does. #ForbiddenLove It was so much fun to write, and you can bet you'll see them in future Renegades bo