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Thanksgiving Sale! 99cents!

  Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you don't eat too much turkey, stuffing, and pie! I'm going to try, but I typically fail, lol. Also don't forget to count your blessings. This has been a pretty crap-tastic year. I really miss my family. Most of them I haven't seen since Christmas 2019.  After last Thanksgiving I refuse to waste a second with my parents; don't worry, we visit safely, and it's not like I go anywhere besides the grocery store anyway...and Mr. G is still working at home. However, I wanted to let you know while you are shopping all the sales and bargains over the long holiday weekend, I have a few books on sale. If you haven't read them yet, now's a great time!!     On Sale for 99cents! Book One in the Holiday Series WANTED: Boyfriend for Christmas  It will be on sale Thanksgiving and the weekend. (If it isn't 99cents on Thursday, please check back - it will be, I swear!)