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Cover Reveal! New Book Alert!

- Cover Reveal - New Book Alert - The newest book in The Holiday Series is Off-Limits Valentine The latest from Melody Heck Gatto is a classic tale of good girl falls for bad boy... Harley Brady has a plan for her life: Finish college, get a job, get married, have kids. In that order. She craves stability, since her parents were never there for her emotionally. She’s dating a man who is everything she wants. He’s older, stable. Sure, he might be a little boring but no one’s perfect. Spencer Westen is living his best college life, waiting for the next party. A jock with a heart of gold thanks to his close-knit upbringing, one devilish smirk has the ladies falling at his feet. He’s a player whose only plan is to have fun before he graduates into the real world. After Spencer and Harley share a few stolen kisses, Harley realizes what’s missing in her relationship – Love . Has she been planning a future with the wrong man? Available September 2020 PRE-ORDER