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Happy Mother's Day

  Happy Mother's Day to all mom's (no matter if your children have 2 or 4 legs!)   My day will be a little different with this virus changing things. We would typically have gone to brunch yesterday to one of my favorite restaurants, then today we'd spend the day at my parent's (we used to split the day between my parents and my grandparents)   But this year, we'll spend the day at home, sending well wishes to my mom by text and phone call, I got french toast for breakfast, and a Starbucks Iced Mocha that I have wanted since March (out of the three local ones, two are apparently closed and the remaining one is super busy). We'll order pizza for dinner (it was my choice) and I have a homemade cheesecake waiting for me for dessert.   Definitely different.   And some of you are still visiting your parents - and that's perfectly okay.   My Mom has MS, and with my son working in the public at the grocery store, I don't feel