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I am very excited to tell you that the first draft of Book One in the Renegades Legacy Trilogy - Loving the Game, has been sent off to my beta reader (my right-hand-lady) The cover is anxiously waiting in the wings...I'm hoping to have news on a possible publish date soon. As soon as I know, you'll know - promise :) Also, some news on book two in the Holiday Series. Book Two is a Valentine's love story. The name is still in the works (I have about a dozen titles I keep staring at, lol), and the same characters we grew to love in WANTED: BOYFRIEND FOR CHRISTMAS: Zane, Spencer, Lily, and Harley. But the difference is that this book will be a solo project of mine. Mary is crazy busy, so book two will be entirely from my camp (betas, editors, proofreader, etc) and I am very excited about it! I will say that if you haven't read PLAYING THE GAME (Renegades Series 3), you might want to grab that before LOVING THE GAME . It's a stand-alone book, but does bu