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Happy Halloween!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!    I'm watching the heavy rain, and wondering if they are going to change our trick or treat at the last minute, or leave it alone. (I'm thinking they'll leave it alone - Originally I didn't want it changed, until it started to rain cats and dogs!) If you are taking someone trick or treating tonight, stay warm and dry, and be careful! If you are handing out chocolate - don't eat too much of it! LOL... And my big news is... I just wrote the last word on a Christmas book I'm writing with an author friend. I am SO EXCITED for you all to read it!!! It's the perfect holiday love story! Stay tuned for a cover reveal! 

Coming Soon

Have you read Lattes & Slapshots yet? It is the first book in the Boise Grizzlies Series. I hope to have book two for you before Summer of 2020. But for now...keep an eye out for a new (stand alone) book from myself and my author friend Mary Smith. Hopefully I'll have a cover reveal by November (yes, 2019)! Yay! I am very excited for this one! Sneak Peek: it's a holiday romance. But you'll have to wait for the cover reveal to learn more! (#sorrynotsorry)