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Weight Loss Milestone - I'm on my way!

This post has nothing to do about my books, but it is about me. 💜 Today I am 33 weeks into my #HealthyLifestyle and I finally hit 30lbs! My goal is 1lb a week, so I am almost right on schedule. The last few weeks have been tougher than all the rest. My husband found a Mac'n'Cheese recipe for his smoker (and I am not a mac'n'cheese person, but this recipe is DE-licious!) and we made bbq shredded pork. Yum! Yeah, but that's a lot of carbs (and sugar). And I haven't made it to the gym yet (shame on me, lol). And despite ALL that, I hit 30lbs. Just like that. Actually, that makes it sound easy. HA! I am learning that I can eat everything I enjoy, pizza, fries, cake, cookie, you just have to know how to portion your food and to not eat that stuff all day every day. I look at what I eat now, and I think of how I ate before. I used to eat everything I loved all day every day. You can't do that. Well, I can't do that. I might be 43yrs old, but I want to f