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New Kitten in the House

Happy Sunday from the Gatto household! My husband has been bugging me for a while that we need a "friend" for our sweet, loving, little cat Buddy. Buddy is now 2yrs old. He felt Buddy was bored at night when we were asleep and would like a friend to play with. Plus, another cat would give the felines a two-against-one advantage on the dog. I wasn't convinced. I'm weird about my pets. I've only ever had three dogs. Misty, Sparky and now Nika. Misty and Sparky we got at like 3 months old and had them both until they passed at 15yrs old. They had their own personalities. I quite enjoyed the "senior" dog personality. Nika will be two in November. She's still in that bratty puppy stage, and I've realized I'm too old for it! LOL Our cat Buddy has been with us since December 2015. He is laid back and sweet. He loves to cuddle, hardly ever scratches or bites (on purpose). He's a little lover boy. I said over and over that I don