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It's April!

Hello! It's been a while, huh? Well, I'm going to try to pop in once a month with news of all that month's happenings. Bear with me and we'll see how things go 😊 It's April in Pittsburgh and it looks like Spring is finally here... maybe... I guess only time will tell. Pittsburgh weather is funny. It's never a shock when we go through all four seasons in one day (okay, I exaggerate, in two days ). Fun things are happening in April. First of all my latest Renegades book is available. Yay!  SHOOTOUT SAVE - Renegades 6 It stars Kaden O'Conner and Alison Bishop.  Kaden is one of my favorite Renegades players (but I think I say that with every book). Is it true that love overcomes all? Gorgeous hunk, Kaden O’Conner is carefree and always smiling. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s hot property—one half of the Renegades star goalie tandem—a confirmed bachelor, and has his pick of beautiful women. Everything he ever wanted has landed in his lap, a