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Author Event is getting close

Well, the author event in Pittsburgh is getting close! I told myself in November that I would go on a diet for it....I'm just starting! Ugh. I'm terrible when it comes to diets. Anyways... I just ordered my banner and I'm so excited about that. I can't wait to see it! I have cute purple pens, today my buttons came in the mail, three styles of (too cute) and I ordered silicone bracelets. Hopefully they will be here soon. And if you're going to be at the signing, please stop by my table, check out my awesome swag. I'll have paperbacks too. I'm working on a few surprises for my table too....I can't wait!! My designer has been working overtime designing my banner, and all my postcards,bookmarks and business cards. She's great!! I'm also trying to get some writing done on Dom's book. That's been a little difficult with the new pets. The cat is easy, but add this psycho puppy and it's all chaos. She likes to chase the kitten, and I