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It's Been a While...

Hey folks, It's been a while. Sorry about that. But I do have a new release out! LATTES & SLAPSHOTS was released yesterday and I'm so excited for this one! It's a cute story about a carefree hockey player and a business-minded coffee shop owner. It is a standalone. And I hope you'll love it as much as I do!!   I had so much fun with this story! Not to mention I co-authored it with my good friend and author, Mary Smith. Maybe too much fun...and I might be working on a new project right now... But for now I'll leave you with the info about Lattes & Slapshots. -Deuces!!  Veronica Lansden’s model thin body and looks were what people thought she was all about as she traveled the world for her modeling career. In truth, Veronica’s dream was to open a bakery and fill people’s hearts and stomachs full of sugary deliciousness. However, when her life landed her in New York City, it was the last place she wanted to live. She decided to leave the bi

Current porjects

Hello! I've been in the middle of a creative block for a while now. But it is also the first time in my writing career that I am working on more than one project at a time. You've all heard about Lattes & Slapshots that I co-authored with Mary Smith, (and if you haven't, it is available for pre-order now) that is dropping August 29th. And I am SO EXCITED for you to read about Nathan! Mary and I had so much fun writing Grizzlies Book 1 that we are still working together. In addition to co-authoring fun, I have my own new project that I'm working on. That is what's been giving me so much trouble. I've been plotting this project for a year now. I'm so excited about it, but I was blocked. It was frustrating. But for some reason, late this week inspiration hit me. And I'm back at it. I can't give away too much about this project, but I will say it is a spin-off of my Renegades Series. And while your waiting, I've been promoting my back-l