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Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are keeping cool on this heat wave of a weekend. I am doing my best. Sorry I haven't been around lately. This weekend was a crazy, stressful, and wonderful weekend. It was the first time in probably ten or twelve years that we bought a car from a dealership. (our last expierence was a terrible one, and I vowed to never buy a brand new car again, and the last few we had we all bought from private owners, and not even close to "new" - and I was fine with it!) But, we fell into the right car, and we have been a one carfamily for over a year now, so it was time to take that leap. (I was a bit nervous getting behind the wheel, that's how long it's been since I regularly drove a car) So we spent our day yesterday at the dealer, getting my "new-ish" car. The relief I felt driving home is a feeling I am not familiar with! Happy. I'm very happy. But, holy cow, it was hot out there yesterday!! Today isn't shaping up mu