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Cover Reveal Renegades 10 - Melting the Ice

Melting the Ice – The Renegades Series 10 Available March 25 th , 2019 I keep seeing on social media that there is a need for books with older lead female characters. And that’s exactly what you’ll get in my soon-to-be released book MELTING THE ICE. Talia is almost 40yrs old, and newly separated. She’s self-sufficient and a strong woman. I love her! And just because you don’t need a man doesn’t mean that sometimes the perfect one doesn’t show up in our lives. Melting the Ice is:   May/December Romance   Mature Woman Romance Finding Love at Forty Strong Woman/Handsome Hockey Player Second Chance for an Older, Divorced Woman    #MayDecemberRomance #LoveAfterThirty #HotHockeyPlayer #DivorcedHeroine Pre-Order Now: Talia never imagined that at almost forty years old, she’d be newly single again. Not to mention