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March already? And what's with this "adulting" stuff?

It's March already? These last two and a half months have been pretty much a blur. I've been worried about my grandmother and trying to deal with all my emotions over that. I did a lot to help her over the last few years, but more over the last year. And me being the kind of person that I am, the change in her, as well as her now being in a nursing home (which doesn't sit well with me) are weighing heavy on me. I'm an over-emotional person, but I also like to know every last detail. And you know the game you played as a kid "telephone"? Yeah, that's what it's like when you're not on the front line with things like this. And adulting isn't all it's cracked up to be. Let me tell you, it is entirely possible to be an adult, but seen as a child because you are the grandchild, but not viewed as a child because you are an adult. I suddenly think being an adult grandchild might be worse than the middle child, lol. Never thought I'd say t